CO₂-extraction process (SFE = Supercritical Fluid Extraction)

CO₂-extraction process at NATECO₂

For more than 35 years, we have been offering our customers CO₂-extraction services for their natural substances. Our long-term experience and unique equipment qualify us, as global market leader within this branch. Our CO₂-extraction plants are characterized by their wide variability in capacities and process parameters. Besides generation of high-grade essences, CO₂-extraction also offers possibility of fractionation, deodorization or purification of natural substances.

Operating principle of CO₂-extraction:
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Flexibility of our Extraction Plants

Variable capacities of our CO₂-extraction plants, ranging from 3 Liters up to 16,000 Liters, guarantee our customers maximum flexibility in processing of their raw materials. We refine batch sizes, ranging from several kilograms at research scale, via several hundred kilograms at pilot scale, up to several thousand tons at production scale. Extraction pressures of up to 1,000 bar and temperatures from 10°C to 120°C can be applied optionally. Moreover, all units are additionally equipped with two separators, thereby offering possibility of fractionation.

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Overview on all CO₂-extraction units

Extraction Plant Max. Pressure (bar) Volume (L)
HDL 3 1,000 3
HDL 4 1,000 5
HD 99 1,000 50 
HD 15 1,000 800 
HD 03  300 1,000
HD 94 300 1,500
HD 85  300 8,000
HD 88  300 16,000
HD 91  300 16,000

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