Generation of particles

Powder technology via CO₂

The so-called PGSS process (particles from gas saturated solutions) is a high pressure method with supercritical CO2 for generation of particles. Using a spray process in CO2 atmosphere free-flowing powder is made from liquefied substances. Extremely fine particles are formed which, due to their selectable size, morphology and composition, open the possibility of new applications.

Operating mode

The source materials are conveyed from tempered tanks into a static mixer, where they are mixed with supercritical CO2 so that dispersions are formed. After this the dispersions pass into a vaporization system where the pressured is decreased to ambient pressure in a spray tower. Owing to the powerful shearing effect of the nozzle and the expanding CO2, droplets are formed during simultaneous fast cooling, and solid particles are created. The resulting product collects in the lower part of the spray tower and can be removed from there. In order to separate the rest of the fine particles, the CO2 is directed through a cyclone and subsequently returned to the process.

Download information about the process Operating mode particles generation via CO2


The micronization process is implemented in the food, medical industry and polymer industry. It offers the possibility to produce unique powders: Spherical, porous or fibrous particles in defined nano- or micro-scale as well as micro-foams can be generated. In addition it opens up the possibility of developing microcapsules which protect the active substance and can be controllably released.
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