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In our processes only pure carbon dioxide, the gas known from fizzy drinks, is used. If the CO2 is compressed, it turns into a fluid medium which is ideally suited as solvent and carrier material for lipophilic substances. If compressed CO2 flows through a natural material, it releases high quality oils, fats and waxes from the material and carries these with it. If the extract-CO2-mixture which is still under high pressure is subsequently loosened, the released substances drop and can be taken out of the process. Conversely, the CO2 is reintroduced into the process in a closed circuit and thus recycled. The modern CO2 technology offers a number of advantages for a multitude of uses compared with traditional processes. 

Advantages of CO₂ technology

An environmentally friendly process – without the use of chemicals – makes the generation of nonpolar substances such as fat-soluble vitamins, aromas or colouring agents possible and retains their absolute natural quality. No residues of harmful solvents from the CO2 process remain in the products. On the contrary: The residual of the CO2 remaining in the products act as a natural protective gas against oxidation. The products generated via CO2 technology are therefore characterized by their sustainability, naturalness, freshness, long durability and better effectiveness. 

Our customers

Our CO2 processes are employed wherever focus is placed on naturalness. Our customers are to be found in the areas of food and drink, food supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The CO₂ process makes possible

  • effective and selective extraction and preparation
  • generation of substances in their natural form
  • processing without harm to sensitive products
  • production of different fractions in one step
  • attainment of high yields 
  • elimination of oxygen
  • immediate use of all fractions
  • recycling of CO2
  • recovery of CO2

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