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Starting at initial feasibility studies up to optimization

Scientists of NATECO₂ have long-term experience, in the area of high-pressure technologies, at their disposal. Two lab extraction units and a pilot unit enable execution of innovative CO₂-technology applications, with pressures up to 1,000 bar. Additional scCO₂-technologies, like Counter-Current Columns and equipment for Particle Generation, complement services range in our research center.

Achieving more commonly

Together with you, our team continuously develops innovative products and processes, based on supercritical CO₂-technology, in our research center.

Regarding set-up, our research units correspond with large extraction units. Later on scalability of trials into an industrial range, as well as their economic consideration, are possible herewith. Since transition from a small to a production scale is sometimes certainly huge, there is an in-house pilot unit available to you, as an intermediate step. As a result, determined parameters can be confirmed at a larger scale and significant sample quantities produced for you, your customers or utilization in your further product development.

Besides development and execution of CO₂-extraction trials, feasibility studies and scaling, we also possess advanced scCO₂-technologies: Our research center is additionally equipped with a Counter-Current Column for liquid/supercritical refinements and also with units for generation of defined Particles and Powders.

How can we support you in your developments?

Our research & pilot plants:

Extraction Plant Max. Pressure (bar) Volume (L)
HDL 3 1,000 3
HDL 4 1,000 5
HD 99 1,000 50

NATECO₂ and Research

References on common research projects:

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IBB Netzwerk GmbH (Industrial Biotechnology Bavaria Network)

Innovative scCO₂-technologies

In addition to development of your CO₂-extraction processes, we take that extra step. Counter-Current Column enables complementing processing of essences. Furthermore, defined powders can be produced, or innovative impregnations and encapsulations be developed.
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