Purification via supercritical CO₂

Individual solutions for removal of unwanted substances

Besides production of extracts and defatted raffinate, technology enables a significant depletion of unwanted ingredients. Associated substances, which could impact downstream process step negatively, are removed by compressed CO₂.

Depletion of xanthines

The origins of the process of supercritical CO2 extraction are based on decaffeination of coffee or tea. In this way decaffeinated tea is suitable for production of drinks for children. In addition to caffeine from coffee or tea, the content of other stimulating xanthines such as theophylline from cocoa can be significantly reduced.

Depletion of colouring agents and odorous substances

Often times lipophilic extracts, made out of leafs or stems, are rich in chlorophyll. By specific selection of parameters and process control, extraction of green colouring agent can be reduced considerably, or chlorophyll can be removed from extracts. In parallel there is the option of decreasing unwelcome odours in natural raw materials and extracts.

Further feasible tasks are

Defatting, deoiling, deodorization, discoloration, decaffeination …

Advantages of our scCO₂-production process for purification

Process step of CO₂-extraction does not in any way result in introduction of additional or further critical substances. Raw materials or extracts are exclusively treated with pure carbon dioxide, which again diffuses out of natural substances after extraction. At the same time, neither oxygen with oxidative effects, nor UV-radiation exists within the process.
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