Quality Control in our Analytical Laboratory

Analytical competencies generated by long-term experience

From the very beginning, our shareholders intensively focused on composition of hops. Here, NATECO₂'s laboratory played a decisive role in development of associated analytics. Our Lab Team's more than 35 years of experience and hereby gained knowledge in natural substances analytics, provide a broad foundation for daily analytical tasks and challenges.

Our Lab Services

Requirements regarding product quality and process safety grow continuously. Our cutting edge, in-house laboratory correspondingly offers a multitude of validated analyses methods, in order to recheck and guarantee this. Determination of different botanical ingredients, for instance vitamins, terpenes or fatty acids, as well as analysis of pesticides' residues, pose important fields of activity.

In addition, we offer special analyses for hemp (e.g. cannabinoids) and algae (quantifications of carotenoids, e.g. Astaxanthin). Through our expertise and wide range of laboratory equipment, currently relevant active ingredients can be determined precisely up to a nanomole-range.

Our main analytical focus is on Spectroscopy and Chromatography.

Our laboratory

  • monitors and guarantees quality of entire range of extracts
  • supports process control
  • develops and implements new methods of analysis
  • offers its broad analysis range to external customers, as a service provider.

Our equipment

  • 8 HPLC-Units
  • 6 Gas-Chromatographs

Natural Substances Analysis of "Hemp"

In parallel with long-term processing of industrial hemp, we developed validated analysis methods for different matrices, e.g. hemp raw material, hemp extract and hemp oil formulations and possess profound knowledge in ingredients. Our analysis service range:

  • Cannabinoid-Screening
  • Terpene Analytics
  • Pesticides Screening
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)

Natural Substances Analysis of "Algae"

With regards to carotinoid analysis of algae, we offer corresponding quantifications of Astaxanthin, Cantaxanthin, Lutein and ß-Carotene. Within this area, our long-term expertise through on-site production of algae extract, again characterizes high quality of analytics.

Upon request, we'd be happy to provide you with an excerpt of analysis parameters of individual analysis methods.
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