NATECO₂-Plus: More service - more nature

One-stop solution

Our NATECO2-Plus concept offers a vast range of additional services. Tailor-made processes and gentle production steps guarantee high yields and enhanced quality of your natural products. Experts in the field of intermediate refinement support you through the whole value chain of product optimization & development: One-stop solution by NATECO2.

Conditioning of natural raw materials

In addition to CO2-extraction and proper product finishing, our service now includes advanced conditioning of all kinds of natural raw materials. Hereby our customers decide themselves which processing status is appropriate to their product application. No matter whether sieving to generate defined particle sizes are required, different milling technologies adapted to the raw material, pelletizing to optimize handling & bulk density or ideal preparation for further CO2-extraction: All steps can be connected to each other or stand alone as independent processes. Just contact our experts!

In our company the milling of over two tons per hour of any natural materials with mesh sizes from 2 to 15 mm is possible. Additionally, pellets with varying lengths from 0,5 to 5 cm can be produced, and defined dosing of powders to the process is possible.
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Extracting the essence of nature
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