Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Extracting the essence of nature... Innovation & Tradition!

Our strength lies in combination of tradition with innovation, know-how and flexibility. Traditionally, we have been specialists in hops extraction for more than 60 years and the experts in natural substances extraction, via supercritical CO₂, for over 35 years. Innovation is reflected through new developments and continuous optimization of existing technologies, processes and products. Due to our employees, we have developed an extensive knowledge in high-pressure technology through the years. We react flexibly on individual customer requests and market demands, face all challenges and develop ideas for innovations.

Our Vision

Extracting the essence of nature… inspiration - totally natural!

Nature is our trendsetter, our benchmark and our inspiration - and therefore an infinite source of new ideas, products and processes for us and our customers. Trend towards natural products and demands for highest quality grow steadily. Our extraction technology preserves absolute naturalness of ingredients and enables generation of high-grade essences.

This shows us, we are on track towards a promising future, which we want to pursue sustainably and determinedly!

Our Guiding Principles

Our top objective is to exceed our customers' expectations on a long-term basis.

We therefore phrased and internalized following guiding principles:

  • Quality and reliability lead to steady success of our company.
  • Our customers' satisfaction is achieved by continuous improvements.
  • Sustainable innovations are the foundation for maintaining competitiveness.
  • Each employee carries responsibility for quality, safety and protection of health and the environment.
  • Compliance with entirety of valid legal requirements within all operational areas.
  • Internal and external training measures enable a qualified workforce.
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Extracting the essence of nature
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