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NATECO₂ ’s social commitment

Since 2013 we have foregone sending Christmas presents and now we make donations to charities. Additionally we regularly support local institutions and are a member of the Wolnzach hop museum booster club. 
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Donation Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 we decided again to donate a total of 1000 € to the Wolnzach Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau supports local people in need: The Bureau assists in dealing with official administration, organizes transport to doctors or helps with financial difficulties.

Donation Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 we donated a total of 1000 € to the Wolnzach Citizen’s Advice Bureau which supports local people in need, and to the initiative ‘Ukraine Aid’. This initiative transports urgently needed items to areas in the Ukraine hit by war in order to alleviate the suffering of the people there. 

Donations Christmas 2014

Our donation at Christmas in 2014 was given to the booster club “Sternstunden e.V.”. This institution supports children and young people in need. In the last 20 years the organization has been able to give support to more than 2500 child aid projects with donations of over 175 million Euros, in order to permanently improve the living conditions for sick and handicapped children and children in need. 

Floods 2013 – NATECO₂ makes a donation to those kindergartens affected

After the catastrophic floods in the spring of 2013, the kindergarten ‘Sonnenschein’ in Rosenheim, which is a specialist kindergarten for handicapped children, was left with nothing. The floods caused significant damage to the building and none of the equipment, therapeutic devices or toys, was of any use. NATECO2, the sister company HV and the two shareholders decided spontaneously to make a generous donation.
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