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Hops - aroma and flavor in the brew house!

The bittering and flavoring components of hops are important for the brewing process. Using supercritical CO2 these components are recovered and concentrated to a viscous extract which features long shelf-life, simplified logistical properties and easy dosing for the master brewer.

Our company is located in the middle of the Hallertau- the worldwide biggest hop growing area. Additionally, our shareholders - Joh. Barth & Son and the HVG - are the market leaders in the hop industry. Therefore NATECO2 is the biggest producer of CO2-hop extracts with an annual capacity for over 10.000 tons of hops.

At the beginning alcohol or hot water was used for extraction from hops. However, as early as in the 70s we looked for an environmentally friendly and gentle alternative to this method of extracting those ingredients from hops which are important for the brewing process. Our focus then turned to extraction using compressed carbon dioxide. Since 1985 NATECO2 has completely renounced the use of organic solvents. The new process allows extraction of the valuable hop ingredients at moderate temperatures in an oxygen-free and antibacterial atmosphere without having to use problematical solvents. In this process, the compressed carbon dioxide flows through the hop pellets and effectively releases the bitter agents and flavouring substances. The hop extract is filled immediately into cans and barrels at NATECO2’s plant and sold by the marketers to the breweries. The state-of-the art equipment in the NATECO2 laboratory – the central laboratory of the two shareholders – guarantees highest quality processing of raw hops up to the finished extract.

Purchase of hop extracts and hop pellets

We are one of the processing plants of our shareholders, responsible for CO2 extraction from hops. The marketing and sale of hop products is in the hands of our shareholders, who are happy to answer any questions you may have:
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