Gentle extraction from natural products using CO₂

We obtain the best out of nature- in a gentle and sustainable way

We have been extracting natural products since 1962. Today we are the largest contract manufacturer of CO2 extracts, operating worldwide. We find our inspiration and motivation for sustainable innovations in the diversity of nature. Using our gentle CO2 extraction process we obtain valuable active substances and top quality essences from hops, seeds, crops, nuts, grains, algae, spices and herbs. Nature is an inexhaustible source which we and our customers use in a way compatible with sustainability by steadily advancing our technology.

Our team has longstanding expertise in the extraction and refinement of:

Based in the heart of the Hallertau region, the largest hop growing area worldwide, we extract the valuable bitter agents and flavouring substances from hops using our gentle CO2 process. The CO2 extracts offer the master brewer a large variety of possibilities for creating exclusive types of beer ... more information

Nuts and fruits
We produce high quality extracts and reduced fat raffinates from sabal, cocoa, coconuts, sallow thorn, mangoes, lupines, pomegranates or rosehips ... more information

Grain and seeds
CO2 extraction offers the ideal possibility for the extraction without any hazard solvents of exclusive oils and high-protein fractions from the seeds of sunflowers, rice, oats, wheat, millet and amaranth ... more information

We not only concentrate omega-3 fatty acids but also valuable carotenoids such as Astaxanthin or beta-Carotene in an oxygen-free atmosphere from algae like Haematococcus, Dunaliella, Phaeodactylum, Chlorella, Spirulina or Nannochloropsis... more information

The industrial hemp plant is a direct relative of the hop plant. Depending on the requirements of the customer, individual cannabinoid extracts can be produced using our technology...
 more information

Spices and herbs
We extract essences, aromas and colouring agents from oregano, ginger, curcuma, cardamom, paprika, pepper or rosemary... more information

Medicinal plants and specialities
Active ingredients from calendula, mistletoe, butterbur or valerian are released out of the plant matrix effectively and gently using supercritical CO2, and collected in fractions ... more information

Purification of natural materials
Often our assignment is not only to produce effective extracts, but also to remove undesirable substances from the natural materials. As our process is flexible, it can be adapted to the wishes of the respective customer, and degreasing, deodorization, decaffeination and decontamination can be carried out ... more information
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Extracting the essence of nature
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