High-grade Extraction of Algae via CO₂

Gentle extraction of algae

In Asia, algae have always been an integral part of food and are not only used as a flavour carrier, but also very popular, due to their positive impact on health. In the meantime, more and more ingredients and extracts, made out of algae, have become popular as food supplement. A multitude of these active ingredients can be extracted with our supercritical CO₂-technology.

Astaxanthin out of Haematococcus pluvialis

Haematococcus pluvialis, also called "blood rain alga", is a green freshwater alga, which changes to a reddish colour (crimson), when affected by light. Colouring agent in question is the carotenoid Astaxanthin, which protects alga from UV-radiation. Said Astaxanthin is applied as food supplement, due to its antioxidative characteristics. The sensitive substance is generated, via our CO₂-extraction process, at pressures of more than 600 bar.

ß-Carotene out of Dunaliella salina

Additional product options for CO₂-extraction:

Not only precious carotenoids, like Astaxanthin, but also special oils and Omega-3 fatty acids out of algae, such as Phaeodactylum, Chlorella, Spirulina or Nannochloropsis are extracted by us for the food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Advantages of our scCO₂-production process for extraction of algae

Especially the oxygen-free atmosphere and exclusion of harmful UV-radiation during the entire procedure, make a process champion out of us, when it comes to enrichment of marine biomass ingredients, which are especially sensitive and prone to oxidations. For this task specifically, we possess tailor-made extraction units, which allow for scaling from a research stage to an industrial multi-tons range.

References on common research projects:

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