At NATECO2 it’s all about CO2 – the green solvent. Our technique enables us to omit organic solvents, which are often classified as hazardous and toxic and cause enormous problems and costs when dealing with their environmentally-friendly disposal. Besides this, there is no contamination of the products, so that they can be used right away in the appropriate field of application.

Additional benefit for the environment: The biogenic CO2 we use is gained from the bioethanol production as a by-product, and is therefore considered absolutely “neutral” concerning the eco-balance. NATECO2’s patented extraction technology ensures its safe and effective application.

Kreislauf biogenesCO2 EN2


In accordance with our company policy, we understand ‘sustainable management’ as the careful handling of ecological resources to protect the environment and society. The NATECO2 quality management team meets regularly to continuously make improvements in environmental management. In the future NATECO2 will make use of more energy sources that are based on renewable raw materials, reduce packaging material and apply more spent material for ecological energy generation.