Right from the beginning the composition of hops plays a pivotal role for hop-traders and farmers. NATECO2’s laboratory was and still is one of the front-runners in analysing the complex hop matrix. The long standing experience of our lab-team and the resulting in-depth know-how in analyzing natural substances leads to a broad competence for our daily analytical duties and challenges.

Our laboratory is the center of quality control for both shareholders. Our core competence is not only the detection of important substances in hops (bitter- and aroma-components, polyphenols), but also the determination of a variety of ingredients in a wide range of natural materials like carotenoids, vitamins, terpenes, xanthines or fatty acids. Additionally our lab-team has enormous expertise in the detection of pesticide residues. Our know-how in this area as well as our state-of-the–art equipment enables us to determine all relevant agents in the range of nano-mol.

Our lab

  • monitors the quality of all extracts and extracted materials.
  • supports process control.
  • develops and implements new analytical methods.
  • offers its broad analytical spectrum as service provider.

To offer the detection of a multitude of different ingredients our laboratory is fully-equipped to a high technical standard. Our main analytical focus is in the fields of spectroscopy (UV/VIS/NIR) and chromatography demonstrated by

  • six HPLC-appliances with DAD-detectors,
  • five gas-chromatographs (FID and MS) and
  • two triple-quad-mass-spectrometers.