Mission & Vision


Our Mission
Extracting the essence of nature….Innovation & Tradition!
We combine tradition with innovation, know-how and flexibility. Traditionally we are experts in hop extraction for over a half decade. Innovatively we are developing and optimizing new and existing technologies, processes and products.  Basis of our know-how is the long experience of our employees about high pressure technology. We identify and satisfy our customers’ individual requests and market requirements.

Our supreme ambition is to exceed the expectations of our customers in  product- and service-quality!

Our Vision
Extracting the essence of nature…. Inspiration by nature!
The nature is our trendsetter, benchmark and inspiration. The trend towards natural products and the standards for high quality increase constantly. Our extraction technology preserves the naturalness of all ingredients and enables the production of high-valuable essences.  We will never run out of innovative ideas due to the great variety of applications for natural ingredients.

We are sure to succeed by following our philosophy in a sustainable and determined way!